Bold Tax Law’s guidance focuses on helping individuals, startups, and small businesses, but we can help entire range of U.S. business and personal tax issues that clients face such as multinational Fortune 500 businesses, public companies private-owned businesses, new technology firms as well as venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, investors executives, high-net-worth taxpayers. Your Bold  Business Tax Lawyers and experts will help you decide on the kind of entity you need to form or change to the best fit to minimize your individual and business’ tax burdens.

We aim to offer imaginative solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals in an ever-changing environment of economics. We are experienced professional tax attorney providing business law and estate planning as well as assistance with franchising, transactions financing, succession planning. We analyze tax-related problems and come up with solutions that consider the relevant personal, business family, and business considerations.

Where Can You Find Experienced Tax Attorneys For Your Businesses in The United States?

Our Tax lawyers are customer-focused and practical. We don’t just offer tax advice on the spot but we also provide innovative solutions that can help you avoid issues. Our lawyers use their knowledge and experience to apply targeted strategies to achieve outcomes at every stage of the transaction you make and in dealing with tax authorities. The second understands of your company. Tax attorneys from our firm get to know the business of your company and what it does and also what makes it distinctive and ensure that your tax planning is in sync with your strategy for personal growth and success. The final factor is the experience. We are aware that tax planning affects more than your bottom line. It impacts your business’s operations. Our Business Tax Lawyers have the knowledge required to assist you in making the right decisions.

Your LLC Tax Attorney in the United States

Your Bold Tax Attorney serves a very focused role in helping you plan or prepare for making a change in how you are personally taxed or how your business is taxed. However, at Bold Tax we do not help with the actual formation of the company, or handle contracts as those are all state-specific and are better handled by state-licensed attorneys. 

We have a broad network of attorneys in most every US city, and as part of our representation of you and your company, we will make a custom introduction to an attorney who can and will help you accomplish what we recommend to help put into motion the advice/counsel received.

Think of Bold Tax as your planning partner, helping you take a strategic approach on how you’d like things to go, and then we help you meet the people necessary to carry out that plan. To get started, the most convenient method to contact us is to contact us via our website, where you can book a consultation:, or you can call: 877-871-1129. We’ll be delighted to make a customized and suitable proposal for you.

When do you need the Services of an LLC Tax Attorney?

A LLC Tax Attorney can reduce time and cost when entrepreneurs start an entirely new business. From $200 to $5,000 LLC Tax Attorney can give you advice on how to take care of the issues you don’t have time for including:

The LLC operating agreement is a document that outlines your company’s who is who, what’s how, when, how, and when (required in certain states). Operating agreements for LLCs are an internal contract that permits the company to set rules as well as layout the rights of your members and responsibilities, as well as others.

After making incorporating association with an agent registered with the company, LLC management, and the date of incorporation.

At Bold Tax Law, we will introduce you to a local state-licensed business attorney who will be able to set up your LLC, and be able to serve as the registered agent for your company. Your local attorney will receive documents that are legal, such as tax forms, as well as service of process on behalf of your company. Service of the process occurs when someone informs your company that a claim is in progress against your business. As your registered agent, your local attorney will take your legal correspondence to the address. This lets you relocate or use an office mailbox without losing important documents.

What Local Attorneys will Maintain in the United States.

  • Keep detailed records in the event of audits or lawsuits.
  • Fees for filing and registration with the right people.
  • Registering your business name, and verifying whether you have the LLC name is registered.
  • Filing and completing the legal and formation documents.

If your LLC is comprised of only a handful of people or is relatively basic assets, you’ll likely be able to complete the majority of the procedure by yourself. But, you’d be wise to hire counsel even in this simple case to avoid issues down the road when the company grows. If your company has many individuals or partners, banks financing, complex assets, or any other issues, you’ll be able to avoid many problems by speaking with us now.


Who are Business Tax Attorneys?

If you’re looking for a piece of expert legal advice for your business tax issues, whether you are an individual who pays taxes or preparing your business tax obligations, the tax attorney can help you. Business Tax attorneys can help comprehend the legal regulations for tax and help you resolve issues that arise from various kinds of taxation, such as the sale of property, gifts estate tax, the federal tax on income, taxation issues, along with those that comply with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) obligations. Tax lawyers are those who have a tax lawyer is a doctorate with Juris Doctor J.DS. degree. They have passed the bar exam in order to practice law from the perspective of the law of jurisdiction.

Why do you need Tax Attorneys?

Tax attorneys are lawyers who have focused their practice on the complex and essentials field of tax law. They are recognized as the most effective in determining solutions to complex, technical legal issues related to your tax-related dilemma that cause you to fumble. Tax lawyers are available when you need them. A tax lawyer can be sought out whenever you require help and having a consultation session before one will also help you avoidance of tax issues. Tax lawyers can also assist you to keep precise records and come up with strategies to tackle the financial issues that cause an unsettling impact upon their customers.

What Are The Tasks Tax Attorneys Are Responsible For?

  • Evaluating and assessing complex questions relating to the tax field
  • Examining the accounting principles and finance
  • Negotiating and conversing settlements with state, local, and federal governments
  • Examining and analyzing the laws of federal and state government
  • Maintaining tax and financial details private to protect clients

When to Hire a Tax Attorney?

If you’re having issues in dealing with IRS or simply have questions, it is important to hire a tax attorney. You should locate and engage a reliable tax attorney as soon as possible, because if you think you’ll require one, then you most likely have.

Do not wait until the last minute.

One area where a tax attorney can help is when the IRS does not respond to your efforts to rectify an error. A tax attorney can:

  • Send letters to the IRS which are sure to be noticed by the IRS
  • The Act provides direct information on the necessary branches of the IRS for instance, where certain issues should be dealt with.
  • Make a phone call to resolve the communication problem
  • If you’re planning to make deductions itemized rather than taking the traditional deductions, it may be wise to work with an experienced tax lawyer.

How Do I Select the Best Tax Attorney?

The most reliable source is word of mouth. Find a reputed tax attorney and check online for customer ratings and reviews of clients. If you are interviewing the candidate, request additional references, especially those who experienced the same issues similar to yours.

Don’t walk if a lawyer is trying the hard sell or demands you to pay all the money upfront. Deposits are fine but you should not give the entire amount away.

Find out if you have the following:

  • For how long has the law firm been operating for?
  • Get an assessment that includes an action plan.
  • Check if the law firm is a member of an association of lawyers that is professional like the Tax Law Association.