Bold Tax Law’s S Corporation Tax Attorney is familiar with the entire Subchapter S and S of the Code and the challenges that confront S corporate and shareholders. We frequently assist clients in Income Tax Planning and transactional opportunities for S corporations, which includes the eligibility for selection, S corporation preservation strategies (including the possibility of seeking termination rulings in the event of an error by the IRS), M&A, and section 338(h)(10) elections that involve S corporations and restructurings, reorganizations, and spin-offs that involve S companies, as well as more generally the use of an S corporate structure instead of an LLC or partnership structure is the most appropriate for our client’s requirements.

Our Tax Practice offers and coordinates cross-border tax guidance to major multinational banks, corporations financial institutions, governments as well as sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms and real estate investment funds, investment funds family offices, investment houses joint ventures, and other regional, local and international organizations.

We offer advice to clients across many different sectors, including financial services real estate investments management, oil and gas and infrastructure, construction as well as telecommunications, media, and entertainment aerospace and defense technology and healthcare, consumer goods and energy and utilities.

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FAQ on S Corporation Tax

What Is an S Corporation (S Subchapter)?

The term “S corporation” is used to refer to a type of company that meets specific S company, often referred to by its S subchapter refers to an entity that can meet specific Internal Revenue Code requirements. If it is, it will transfer income (along with other deductions, credits as well as a loss) direct to its shareholders without having the burden of paying federal corporate tax. The majority of small businesses (100 or more shareholders) S corp status grants an organization the advantages of incorporation, while also enjoying the tax-exempt benefits of partnerships.

Why Would You Choose an S Corporation?

S corporations could be the most beneficial option for small-sized businesses combining the advantages of corporations and the tax benefits of partnerships.

In particular, S corporations offer the restricted liability protections of the corporate structure, which means that an owner’s personal assets aren’t taken by business creditors or legal actions against the company. Like partnership companies, they aren’t required to charge corporate taxes on any earnings or income they earn. They also allow owners to save self-employment tax, especially if their compensation is set as a salary or dividend from their stock.

What do S Corporations do to have to pay tax?

There are a variety of types of taxes like sales tax, income taxes, franchise taxes employment taxes, and so on. I presume you’re thinking, “How do S Corporations pay federal income tax?”

S Corporations don’t have to pay taxes on income earned by federal taxpayers. S Corporations submit annually an “informational” return (Form 1120-S) that reveals among other things the company’s earnings losses, income, and deductions for the previous year that are then distributed to shareholders through an annual Schedule K-1. The shareholders pay any tax due for the income made through an S Corporation.

S Corporations pay different types of taxes (sales franchise, sales tax, or employment taxes are all common) just by sending an appropriate check to the taxing authority.

What’s the function of an S company?

S corporations are businesses that choose to pass their corporate profits losses, deductions, and credits to shareholders for federal tax purposes.