The Bold Tax Shield Attorney is dedicated to aiding you. We have assisted thousands of clients to solve their IRS and tax-related issues with state taxes. This includes individuals as sole proprietors, partnerships as well as corporations. Our on-site tax attorneys in United States are waiting to assist. If you’re not located in the region, you can set an appointment online from any location around the globe. We bring years of expertise on the job. What that means is that regardless of your fiscal situation Bold Tax Shield Attorney can provide the best solutions that meet your requirements. We’ll give you an effective tax relief program that can do more than take the IRS out of your way, but also ensure your assets are protected. You’ll get peace of mind and could end up making you save thousands. Call us now by calling  1-877-871-1129 to book a FREE, no-obligation 15-minute consultation with our tax professionals. We offer a PRICE GUARANTEE that ensures that what we quote you is the price you pay! Get Tax Relief with trusted tax experts. We will take your request only if we can assist you.

Our primary focus our attention on US taxes, and specifically the financial and legal issues that arise when money crosses the border. We provide a variety of services within this specific area, offering expert guidance and solutions. We offer tax-related services and assistance to people working involved in entertainment and sports fields as well as companies expanding to expand into the US market. We also provide corporate tax plans and audits, tax planning for individuals, and tax compliance. We also provide immigration and visa services as well as cross-border estate planning services that deal with tax issues.

Professional accounting qualifications in the US and having been admitted as a barrister in the US, our Tax Shield Attorney team is uniquely placed to offer tax-related assistance to clients from either side of the border. Because of our extensive knowledge of US tax systems, experts from both countries, like accountants, lawyers and financial planners, agents, and business executives, often refer to tax-related issues for our assistance. We have earned an enviable reputation for providing innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems and for the high-quality work we do.

As a client will feel secure knowing that your tax issues will be handled by experts in the field with decades of expertise. We understand that taxes can be stressful. That’s why we will work with you to make the tax process as stress-free and easy as is possible.

What Does Our Tax Shield Attorney Include?

  • IRS Settlements & Payment Plans
  • Interest & Penalties
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Tax Liens & Levies
  • Audit Defense
  • Innocent Spouse
  • 941 Business Tax
  • High Dollar Liabilities
  • State Tax Debt

How do we move forward?

Contact an experienced Tax lawyer in the United States

In Bold Tax Shield Attorney, we have a highly qualified tax advisor team that has a thorough knowledge of IRS policies and procedures. Call us to schedule a no-cost consultation about your tax issues.

FAQ on Tax Shield Attorney

How Does a Tax Attorney Help?

A licensed tax attorney acts as your representative when working with IRS or other taxing state authorities. A tax attorney can save you a significant amount of time as they understand the complexities of tax law depending on your specific circumstances and the steps required to settle your issue.

Attorney-client privilege assures that conversations are protected by law. You are free to share all information that pertains to your case, think of solutions, and rest assured that conversations remain confidential.

The tax relief specialists at US Tax Shield have been available to serve as your personal source and help you save the most money while also settling your IRS and/or State tax obligations in the least amount of time.

How much Tax Shield Attorney Service Going to Cost?

Prices will vary based on the tax relief service(s). You should choose an agency that is open about their pricing. We at US Tax Shield, our fees are 100% guaranteed. The price we quote is what you will pay. There are no salespersons who make a fool of themselves and up-selling, or unexpected fees.

How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

Each tax case is unique and comes with its own unique issues and procedures. In the majority of cases it can take anywhere between two and six months to finish. If we can determine the complexity of the tax issue is we’ll be able to provide you with a better timeframe to resolve it. We aim to provide the highest possible outcomes in the shortest period of.

Contact our experts from Bold Tax Shield Attorney today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

What is the process behind the Bold Tax Shield Attorney Shield function?

Bold Tax Shield Attorney monitors the real estate market as well as the county’s information systems in order to establish an appropriate value of your home’s tax. When we find an amount that is lower for your property than the county’s records indicate and we file a formal petition on your behalf and then work to secure an acceptable property tax value. We take care of this for you each year that you own your home!