If you’re worried concerning “How to Form a Company in USA” then you are the best place to be. We at Bold Tax Attorney can assist you from start through the process of forming the Company in the USA. The process of forming a US company is a great option to expand your business to the US even if you’re not already a US citizen or have a foreign-owned business.

The most effective business structure to establish your business with a focus on the USA is an LLC which is also known as a Limited Liability Company. Anyone can establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the USA and you don’t require being either a US citizen or being a US business.

Foreign companies and citizens as well as foreign nationals can establish an LLC within the USA.

What are the Steps to Form a US LLC?

Anyone can create any person can create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the USA you do not have to be or be a US citizen or even a US company. Foreign companies and citizens of other countries can form LLCs within the USA.

The steps for forming your foreign-owned LLC are:

  • Select a State
  • Name your LLC
  • Hire a Registered Agent Service
  • Create your LLC and file it with the State
  • Create an LLC Operating Agreement
  • Get an EIN
  • Get a Physical US Mailing Address
  • Open a US Bank Account


Checklist: How to Form a Company in USA as a Non-Resident







We have helped entrepreneurs from all over the world establish businesses within America. U.S. for many years. We are the engine that powers your core business requirements:


·       File U.S Tax Returns

·       Obtain EIN or ITIN

·       Form U.S. Company

·       Open Stripe/PayPal

·       Open Business Bank

·       Create Amazon Acct

How to Form a Company in USA – Our Work Procedure

1. Submit your application

Enter your company’s information using this form on the internet.

2. We file on your behalf

We’ll file the necessary paperwork for your company and also file your EIN in your name.

3. Make sure you have your business documents

We will deliver your business documents, like your certificate of incorporation and the employer identification number (EIN) directly to your personal dashboard.

4. We open your bank account

We’ll set up your bank account, and then hand it over to you so that you can start your venture.

Why Choose Bold Tax to Form a Company?

Record of track

We’ll prepare the paperwork for your company and also file your EIN for you.

Top-Notch Communication

It is common to hear support agents within the hour or within several hours maximum.

Support almost all over the world

We’re proud to be a part of all 50 states and provide active support and service in more than 175 countries.

Problem-Free Guarantee

The Pro Plan covers annual filings to ensure you are in compliance, and up to two annual amendments.

FAQ on How to Form a Company

The reason I should establish a U.S. Company?

Our clients typically start U.S. companies to access the U.S. market, reduce their personal liabilities and gain access to U.S. payment/banking infrastructure.

Does my bank account need to be opened in the same state that my company is located?

The bank account is not required to be established in the state that your LLC is incorporated in, but the bank needs to have a presence in the state.

This means you could travel to an easy-to-access international airport like New York, visit a bank branch to establish a bank account with an institution that’s in the state where your LLC is located.

What happens if I already have an account with a Bank that’s located within the US?

Certain banks, like the one where you have a personal bank account, might allow customers to verify their identity by contacting an affiliated bank in your nation. However, you’ll have to contact an account at a branch of the bank located in the United States and set this process on your own. It is at the bank’s discretion to permit this.

What Business Entity Types Can Foreign Nationals Open in the U.S.?

We’ve already talked about Limited Liability Companies or LLCs but it’s not the only type of business entity that you can open as an international citizen. You can also form a C-Corporation which isn’t suitable to “pass-through” taxation like an LLC however, it has to pay tax on its profits as an entity. You also pay tax as an individual on profits that you receive in dividends.

There are many advantages of C-Corporations. There are advantages to a C-Corporation as well, but they are primarily the various kinds of stock interests that owners have, which could result in higher dividends when your business earns a profit.

Do I have to travel to the USA to create an account with a bank?

Nope! We take care of everything from a distance. You’ll only need to present your passport for identity verification, and we’ll be in contact with the bank in order to open your account.

Which are the most common kinds of entities and companies?

While there are many kinds of businesses, the most frequently used ones are limited liability companies and corporations.

Can a foreigner run a Company in the USA?

In general, there aren’t limitations on the ownership of foreign companies established within the United States. The process for a foreign citizen to create a company within the US is the same for the US resident. It is not required to be a US citizen or possess an American green card to be able to form an LLC or a corporation. LLC.