How to get an EIN for Business?

The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN) are based on a 9 digit number that the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) assigns to the relevant organizations. The main objective of the IRS is to collect many direct and indirect taxes and put them in the treasury of the United States. The IRS uses a special type of number to serve the prescribed purpose and to identify those taxpayers who feel the need to file multiple business tax returns. TIN and EIN are used by employers, sole proprietors, corporations, business partners, non-profit organizations, trusts, decedent’s estates, government agencies, certain individuals, and business entities. If your company falls under these mentioned categories then you must have to possess a TIN number. If someone doesn’t know his TIN number, then that person can contact the IRS (see CFOto resolve the issue.

The IRS has some great resources on its website, that are worth reading:


If a company is exempt from tax on purchases, the government may also require a TIN/EIN number as the request has nothing to do with tax status. The ultimate objective of the government is to obtain and store TIN/EIN information. But if a company is completely tax free and it provides its TIN/EIN number to the government, for that company, no tax is assessed on its purchases.  When you open a company or business entity, the IRS provides you with an EIN number during registration.  This number is provided to you by an official letter.

 If you had applied for this number in the past and now it’s lost somewhere, then you can follow any one or all of the following tasks:

1. Look for a computer-generated notice from the IRS on the very similar date you applied for the EIN.  This notice is issued as a confirmation of application for EIN and receipt thereof.

2. If you used an EIN to open a bank account or an EIN number for any other type of state or local license, you should approach the relevant bank or agency to have your EIN secure.

3.If you have filed returns, do your optimum efforts to find the tax returns already filed for your existing entity. Your EIN will also be noted somewhere along with this return.

4. Ask the IRS to locate your EIN number.  The IRS will provide you with all the information you need for a lost EIN by calling the Business and Specialty Tax Line number.